Whether you're a plaster pro or a first-time painter, our kits come complete with everything you need to create stunning sculptures that pop with personality. So grab your plaster and let your imagination run wild - it's time to paint the day away!

Virtual Paint Nights:

Join the fun with PaintAway's Virtual Paint Night! Choose a USB or online link, order your canvases, and let the creativity flow. Perfect for parties, date nights, or just because!Gather your friends, and get ready to create some splatterific stories!

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Here’s What PaintAway Party People Have to Say:

  • PaintAway turned my birthday party into a color explosion extravaganza! 10/10 would dip my brush again!

    John Smith
  • PaintAway took my party from bland to brilliantly bold! Their kits turned even my most reserved friends into vibrant artists. A masterpiece of an evening!

    John Smith
  • PaintAway made my daughter's birthday party an absolute masterpiece! From the giggles to the glitter, every moment was a stroke of genius.

    John Smith